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Dec 22, 2009

Today I created my first wordpress blog. I would be spending more time in my new wordpress blog than the blogspot one. But I am not going to leave this blog either. From time to time I will keep updating this blog. After all old is gold. However, I find my new blog very interesting and I also promise myself that every day I will post a new article. I am also scared if I can follow my new promise. I hope this would not be like any other unfulfilled promises of mine . Anyways, I wanted to tell who ever is following this blog to also check my new blog for new updates. That is if any is following this blog. . I also welcome comments from readers so that I will know people are reading my bad English 

Pandora in the eyes of Iraqis and Afghanis

Yesterday when I was watching the long-talked movie AVATAR, so many thoughts appeared in my mind. The movie was based on a war between powerful humans and powerless natives of Pandora called Na’vi, for pieces of stones or natural mineral buried around the village of Na’vis. This natural mineral has a very high price in the market. Na’vi’s are 6 feet tall human like creature with a tail. They prayed to a god called Eywa. They were happy aboriginals with their own language and sacred culture before humans invaded their world. The movie shows the year 2150’s. Human’s were, as usual, blessed with the heavy machinery equipments of new technology and fine brain that they were able to create a human conjoined Na’vi using the DNA of Na’vi and humans and the brain of human being where one can survive when the other is asleep in a kind of box with brain awake. The life of Na’vi is video recorded by the human Na’vi when the Na’vi is asleep. When I was watching the movie, words of my Afghani friend keep rolling in my mind. He said that in the movie you will see exactly how the American troops destroyed a agriculturally rich village in Afghanistan. However, I am not sure if Americans were after any natural resources in Afghanistan unlike in Iraq where there is a huge oil reserves that Americans were always after specially the petroleum company of President Bush. Having said this, it is also true that Afghanistan is a nation for varieties of fruits and valley with awesome landscapes. Additionally, Americans and its allies fought in Iraq although they did not find any WMD to declare war against a sovereign state. However, they destroyed saddam’s regime which they could have done in a more peaceful manner rather than killing innocent civilians.

In the movie, a guy named Jack, an ex-marine soldier who paralysed his legs while on the job become DNA created Na’vi. The Na’vi of him try to find a diplomatic solution to shift the Na’vis from the surrounding but it was too late because he already supplies enough information needed by the American troops to conduct a heavy loaded war against powerless Na’vi’s who got bows and arrows and their god. The scientist’s words were ignored and they declare war against this innocent people and invaded their village killing Na’vis. It was sad to see how war broke destroying their most sacred huge trees. It could be the same thing which happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. Americans acquired modern war equipments and technology that they can trace and killed a person with less effort and more guns, missiles, explosives and so on. They might have bombed the mosques and historical buildings and took many lives. They might have destroyed houses of innocent people and take everything they have leaving them shelter less refugees. In the movie, at final scenes, Jack and his few friends manage to convince the Na’vis to fight against humans and save their land. They manage to defeat humans with the help of their god, Eywa. Would this be what is happening in present world?. It seems terror attacks were conducted by powerless to fight against powerful terrorists. However, the powerless are considered as terrorists and more terrorist attacks are conducted in the name of ‘war against terror’ with no end to it and no winning. In the movie, the Na’vi’s let few humans to stay with them and let others to leave their world, Pandora. In the final scene Jack choose to be a Na’vi leaving his human species. Whether it was for love because he fell in love with the daughter of the Na’vi’s leader or because his legs were paralysed as human and as Na’vi he gets his legs back. I am not sure of the reason. But I was not happy because he left the human species for another. But he might have a better reason too. It might be better off as kind other creature than a cruel human.
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